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Say Hello to Glow

Because gorgeous, glowing skin

is for everyone.

Skindelush is your source for results-driven skincare services. We strive to create a personal, people-first client experience in contrast to the conveyer belt style of other skincare businesses. It's truly more than a service it's an experience that makes you want to come back for more!

Our Story 

Born in Brooklyn but raised in the Bronx, Nalaika  discovered the transformative power of skin care as a form of self-care during her own battle with depression. Through this personal journey, Nalaika found that cultivating love for herself not only improved her mental well-being but also unleashed the confidence to conquer her goals.

House call requests are available upon request. Please email or call (347)427-5747 to inquire.

Stay Lush!

Our Location

377 E 169th St.

Bronx, NY 10473

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