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Black Gold - Face Cleanser

Black Gold - Face Cleanser

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Meet your new skincare bestie – the Black Gold Face Cleanser! 🌟 Designed for all skin types, this liquid gold transforms your daily routine into a spa-like experience. Just a 60-second massage, and voila – radiant vibes only!


🌿 Got sensitive skin? No worries! This cleanser is all about love without the irritation.


🌟 Users can't stop raving about how it's not just a cleanser, but a game-changer! Acne? Consider it tackled. Post-acne marks? Fading away. Skin? Left soft, glowing, and downright fabulous!


👉 But wait, there's more! Say farewell to pesky razor bumps, uneven skin tone, and those stubborn dark spots. Our Black Gold blend is your ticket to skin happiness.


✹ So, why choose Black Gold Face Cleanser? Because it's more than skincare; it's a daily dose of radiance, minus the nasties. Dive into the glow and let your skin do the talking! ✹ #SkindelushGlow #BlackGoldMagic #SkinLove


Product Usage Recommendation: Ease into the glow by starting with 2-3 times a week, and remember, a little goes a long way to achieve that radiant skin. Consistency is key for noticeable improvements.


Dive in and let Black Gold Face Cleanser become your go-to skincare ally! 💖 #SkindelushGlow #BlackGoldMagic #SkinLove


Expiration Date: This product has a 12-month expiration date from the date of purchase.


In a compact 2 oz size, "Black Gold" is your on-the-go solution for naturally radiant skin. Pure, simple, and with a shelf life that ensures freshness for a full year from the moment you make it yours.

  • Ingredients

    water, plantain skin,  cocoa pods, palm tree leaves, shae bark tree, coconut oil, rosehip, jojoba oil and tea tree.

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